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If you have processed an order through our Etsy store, please use this form to submit your measurements.

Taking Measurements:

      1. Please record all measurements in inches to within 1/2 inch.
      2. Please use a flexible seamstress measuring tape (they can be found at any fabric or craft store). 
      3. Have someone take your measurements.  You should not do this on your own.
      4. Please wear tight fitting clothing or only undergarments when taking the measurements. 
      5. You should stand straight with your arms casually down at your side. You need to look straight ahead at all times while measuring. If you look down while you are being measured it could make the item off by several inches.
      6. Please take your exact measurements without adding allowance. We adjust our dress form to match your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.
      7. Please refer to the diagram below for assistance with measurements.
      8. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through Etsy conversations.
      9. PARTY COMPANIES: Please submit a separate form for each person that will be wearing the costume.

Purchaser's Name: *
Best Phone # to be reached at::
Purchaser's Email Address: *
Name of Person Wearing Costume: *
Name of Costume Purchased: *
(1) Top of Shoulder to Bust Line: *
(2) Neck to Shoulder: *
(3) Shoulder to Shoulder: *
(4) Front Base of Neck to Waist: *
(5) Back Base of Neck to Waist: *
(6) Upper Arm Thickness: *
(7) Shoulder to Elbow: *
(8) Elbow To Wrist: *
(9) Shoulder to Wrist: *
(10) Armpit to Waist: *
(11) Waist To Floor: *
(12) Waist To Knee: *
(13) Knee to Floor: *
(14) Chest- Across Fullest Part of Bust: *
(15) Ribcage- Just Under Bust: *
(16) Waist: *
(17) Hips: *
(18) Neck Measurement: *
(19) Head Circumerferance:
Height ( feet & inches ): *
Bra Size (for Adult Mermaid only):
Notes, concerns, things you want us to know about your body shape that will help us with creating this item:
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